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Life Hurts God Heals

  • It has been said that hurt is like ice cream, it comes in many flavors and in great variety but it is all still hurt. This small group focuses on dealing with the hurts students face in life everyday. These hurts range from peer abuse, bullying, sexual identity, sexual abuse, and much more. We also work very closely with a local Counseling organization, Total Life Counseling, INC., to provide deeper help.

 Total Life Counseling, Inc. has been providing services for adults, adolescents, children and couples for over 30 years. TLC also provides consultation and training for businesses, schools and churches.

Total Life Counseling, Inc (TLC) provides individual, marital and family counseling that integrates sound psychological, spiritual and social principles to help people grow in their life satisfaction. Our counseling principles help clients develop a positive self-image, emotional stability, communication skills, healthy thinking patterns, strength their ability to cope with stressful situations and enhance their physical, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual development. 



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