Teen Mops

TeenMOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) is a support group for young mothers and moms to be age 19 and younger.  We provide a Christ centered place for young girls to come and relax from the stresses of being young and pregnant or already a mother, and find a group of loving, non judgemental women to come alongside them and support them as they go through this season of their lives.

We begin our evening at 6:30pm and end between 8-8:30pm.  Limited transportation is available.  Dinner is provided.  We also have a staffed nursery and toddler room for little ones to be cared for while moms are ministered to in our living room.

If you are interested in joining us, volunteering or would like additional information please contact Dawn Haskins, TeenMOPS Coordinator,

Phone:  540-342-4971, Ex. 226, E-mail:  teenmops@straightstreet.org


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